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Hair Loss Treatment

Infusion of medications into scalp, painless, with microneedles.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 350 Canadian dollars
  • Heritage professional Centre

Service Description

What is MMP? MMP is a Brazilian acronym for "microinfusao de medicamentos na pele", (Microinfusion of Medicaments into the skin). What does this mean exactly? MMP is a patented procedure that was developed in Brazil by a dermatologist Dr. Samir Arbache. This procedure uses specific serums which are infused into the dermis using a tattoo machine to achieve absolutely amazing cosmetic results! But, does it hurt? Actually no. Tattoo machines are a very mature technology and are highly adjustable and configurable and we use a numbing cream before the procedure. In fact, we can adjust our top of the line tattoo machine so that you don’t feel much more than a tickle when we treat you! What can an MMP treatment do for you? MMP treatment has been extremely popular since its introduction in Brazil, being performed only by Dermatologists and since its invention, many research had been made and articles had been published in different journals. People are very excited about the results they are seeing from this special treatment, such as amazing reductions and improvements for: * Melasma and other pigmentation * Sun damage * Unsightly Skin texture * Acne scars and active acne * Fine lines and wrinkles * Pore Size * stretch marks * hair loss * idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis Skin tightness and firmness is also improved with this technique! And it doesn't end there, the skin rejuvenation results are highly customizable to suit your specific goals and needs. As I mentioned before the treatment is painless and you will see results with just one treatment. That said, just like laser treatments, most people decide to do a series of treatments to reach their goals. There is some redness that results from the treatment that is easily covered with make-up within a day or two and another treatment can be repeated within 4 weeks. Blotchy dark hyper-pigmentation turns to remarkably clear skin after a series of MMP treatments!

Contact Details

  • 8180 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2B8, Canada


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